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Couples Therapy

Amy is the only therapist in Colorado Springs Level II-trained in the innovative PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couple's Therapy) Therapy. PACT is a cutting-edge therapy that combines research on attachment, neuroscience, and the human biology of arousal systems. The science isn't what's important for your relationship-- what is important is that PACT Therapy can be an efficient and effective way to better understand and fix couples' problems to enrich their relationships.


PACT sessions may look different than other types of couples therapies. For instance, couples will face each other, and the therapist may pause you to have you notice what is happening to your partner. In doing so, partners become experts on each other, learning what makes the other happy, upset, shut down, etc. To learn more about what a PACT style session may look like, explore The PACT Institute's website. Please contact me if you have questions about PACT couple's therapy.


Amy is also trained in Gottman Level I and II, a research-based method to couple's therapy that works to recognize and alleviate predictors of divorce, and build friendship and intimacy as a couple works to enhance their relationship.

Areas of Service include:

  • Communication Problems

  • Childhood issues impacting current relationship

  • Enhancing sense of connection

  • Decreasing arguments

  • Infidelity and Betrayal

  • Relationship Enhancement

  • Pre-Marital Therapy

  • Coping with depression

  • Grief and Life Transitions

Happy Couple
Expectant Couple
Couple Hugging
Female Couple at Home
Holding Hands
Bride & Groom in the Meadow
Rings on Hands
Senior couple hugging
Couple Dancing
Civil Partnership
Happy Couple
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