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At this time all sessions are still being done online via a HIPAA compliant video link. I do not take this choice lightly and there are many factors influencing this decision. 


First, my understanding is that the latest state guidelines specify that in-office therapy visits should be used for crisis services only, and when sessions are done in person, both client and therapist should wear a mask. For both individual and couples therapy there  is nonverbal information, from both client/partners/and therapist, being lost with half of half of the face covered. This type of communication is essential for building safety and positive regard in relationships (with therapist or partner), and I believe will be too detrimental to implement. Online sessions will continue to be my primary choice over masked sessions. 


In addition, I want to be fully present and open to my clients. I have heard many clients share stories of being at public and private gatherings, and I want to be able to hear such events without fear for my own health and holding consequential judgement. Similarly, I’d like to be able to see my own friends and family without concern of unknowingly spreading a virus to a client. Therapy can already be a process that takes a lot of bravery, and it is important for both myself and you to feel safe, regulated, and mitigate outside stresses as much as possible. 


Finally, it is still unclear how the gradual reopening of society will impact spread and exposure to Covid -19. Until we have a better understanding of how and if summer months will impact transmission, I find it best to continue to show love and care to my clientele by keeping you safe. If the option of teletherapy were not such a viable option, this decision would be much more difficult. However, because of the effectiveness of teletherapy services, the risks of returning to office simply outweigh the benefits at this time.  


If you are a returning client and wish to only resume in-person visits, feel free to reach out and discuss your options, among which are referrals to therapists currently offering in person sessions. 


Thank you in advance for your understanding. Stay well. 

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