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Location: 313 N Tejon Street, Suite 7, across from Poor Richards bookstore, next to Odyssey Gastropub.

Getting there: Next to Odyssey Gastropub, you will see a door that says 313. This will lead you directly up a flight of stairs. Go about 2/3 down the hallway, past the restrooms, and my office (7) is on the left. There are white chairs and magazines next to the office door if you arrive early. 

Parking: Parking is metered on Tejon Street and meters accept credit cards. For non-metered parking close by, I recommend parking on Boulder Ave, east of Nevada (near Palmer High School), or on the corners of Cascade and Boulder. These spaces are free and about a block and a half from the office (you may zoom on the map below to see more).

Restroom: There are two restrooms in the building, one on either hallway "wing." For building security, these are locked at all times. You may access the restrooms and sink area with my code 1560 - each corner of the number pad.  

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